Information on the services offered by our test centre

Standard RT-PCR

The standard RT-PCR (reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction) is and remains the gold standard for the detection of acute coronavirus infection. It is required, for example, to confirm a positive rapid antigen test, people that wish to travel (particularly by air), for clarifying cases with classical symptoms of the common cold symptoms (exclusion diagnostics), or if an individual is a direct contact person of someone who has been tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. RT-PCR is the current most reliable method for the detection or exclusion of a current infection. The detection limit is less than 10 viruses. If the appointment is made during the first half of the day, the result is usually available by the same evening. The result is available within 24-36 Stunden after sample collection. 

Express RT-PCR

The express RT-PCR is the same method as the standard RT-PCR, with the exception that the result is available after 3-6 hours. vorliegt. Für die Express PCR werden nur bestimmte Online-Termine angeboten,  da der logistische Aufwand hierbei deutlich höher ist.  

Rapid antigen test

The rapid antigen test is an ideal option for quickly identifying highly virulent individuals. Viral proteins Here, only viral proteins are detected. The PCR requires less than 10 viruses for a positive result, as the viral RNA is transformed into DNA and amplified during the PCR reaction. In contrast, the rapid antigen test requires more than 200-300 viruses to obtain a weak to strong positive signal. However, it remains an important tool to control the spread of the virus, especially during the current pandemic, and for monitoring the incidence of infection. Unfortunately, rapid antigen tests can be positive in rare cases, even though the test individual is not infected. Therefore, a PCR is required for every positive rapid antigen test. Also, a negative rapid antigen test does not definitively confirm that the test person is negative. Therefore, PCR is and remains the gold standard for the reliable detection or exclusion of current infection with SARS-CoV-2.


Das PoC-Gerät liefert schnelle Ergebnisse innerhalb von 1 Stunde. Basierend auf NAT bietet das Gerät eine Genauigkeit, die mit dem Goldstandard qPCR-Tests vergleichbar ist.

Further services are currently in the making

Das Test- und Studienzentrum am Leopoldplatz gehört zur DHS – Diagnostic HealthCare Solutions GmbH. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Ausgründung der Berliner Charité. Wir entwickeln eigene Lösungen um die Diagnostik zu verbessern und planen aktuell weitere Labordienstleistungen zeitnah Ihnen anbieten zu können. 

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