The rapid antigen tests are prepared in good faith and as accurately as possible. Nevertheless, false positive results may occur depending on external factors, such as the consumption of alcohol, or smoking. Positive rapid antigen tests must be verified by RT-PCR. The test center at Leopoldplatz offers RT-PCR for this purpose for a fee. 

Invalid rapid antigen tests are subject to further control; however, if this additional test also provides an invalid result, the test centre is not obliged to offer a further rapid antigen test.

In the case of negative results (PCR), the viral load may be below the limit of detection. Test reliability also depends on correct sampling, storage, transport, and timing. Every laboratory process is based on the latest scientific and analytical state-of-the-art technologies. In very rare cases, the genetic test may not deliver the correct result. Underlying causes can be poor quality material in the swabs, incorrectly collected samples, contamination, or failure of the analysis due to unforeseen or unknown reasons. If the underlying problem cannot be resolved by the DHS lab, the latter is not responsible for incomplete or potentially misleading or even erroneous results.

Please always remember to show proper identification, because a test can only be performed with a feasible form of photo ID (passport/ID card/German residence permit with address).

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